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The Unsolved Murder of JonBenét Ramsey Twenty Years Later

In We Have Your Daughter: The Unsolved Murder of JonBenét Ramsey Twenty Years Later, Emmy Award-winning investigative journalist Paula Woodward offers an unprecedented insider perspective on the twentieth anniversary of one of the most heinous, sensationalized, unsolved crimes in American history.

Here for the first time, Woodward examines conversations and information from all sides of those involved in the case. She shares information compiled during the twenty years she reported on the murder, including private conversations with law enforcement individuals directly involved in the case, their thoughts and dissections of what went wrong and right, and who they now believe is the killer.

Woodward has included drawings by JonBenét, letters from her teachers, and photographs that show a normal, happy six-year-old whose life was cut short in such a horrible manner. She shares portions of John Ramsey’s private journal,where he wrote of his torment and grief in the aftermath of the murder. And she recounts personal conversations with JonBenét’s mother prior to her death from cancer in 2006. JonBenét’s brother Burke talks publicly for the first and only time about his sister’s death and how it affected the family and his life.

We have Your Daughter is an extraordinary work of journalism, twenty years in the making. It depicts a family under siege with their guilt or innocence still openly questioned. This book allows readers to decide in this heartbreaking story – was it Ramsey or an unknown intruder?

SF’s TV-Friendly Medical Examiner Leaving For Better Paying Job In Central Valley

SF’s chief medical examiner since 2015, Dr. Michael Hunter, is leaving the job for a major pay raise in San Joaquin County.

Fans of this genre of medical-related television may recognize Dr. Hunter from his role as host on the reality series Autopsy: The Last Hours of… on the REELZ network. He’s been working on the program since around the time he arrived in San Francisco, and the show looks into the final hours of celebrities like John Candy, Rick James, Natalie Wood, and Bobbi Christina Brown, via their medical records.

Hunter parlayed his experience into multiple consulting gigs for TV prior to that gig, including for Anderson Cooper 360, The Nancy Grace Show, and TruTV. And he came to San Francisco from Jackson County, Florida, because he was attracted to the challenge of a massive backlog of cause of death rulings that the city had at the time —

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Unique deal will pay SJ’s new chief medical examiner nearly $5M

STOCKTON — Details of the four-year contract offered to prospective Chief Medical Examiner Michael Hunter reveal a unique arrangement that was conjured up by the man who is set to become the first leader of San Joaquin County’s newest department.

For one thing, the 52-year-old Hunter will not become a county employee if the Board of Supervisors approves his contract at Tuesday’s meeting. For another, the contract is for an average of $1.2 million a year, a total of nearly $5 million for the life of the deal. And, formally, the contract is not with Hunter but rather his Forensic Doctors Group, of which he is sole proprietor. Forensic Doctors Group will receive $1.2 million a year, which will cover all county pathologist services, including paying pathologist subcontractors, for the life of the contract.

By contrast, according to figures provided in a staff report, the county paid nearly $905,000 for pathologist services in

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Best rated dishes to buy in 2019 – rated dishes Reviews


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UK Now Casting: Feature in Immersive Theatre Experience ‘Wimbledon Rematch 1980’ + 3 More Gigs

It’s the rematch of the century (and the last century) with Wimbledon Rematch 1980, an immersive theatre experience now casting leads in London. Plus, the Reelz and ITV documentary Autopsy is casting its next instalment, women with naturally grey hair are wanted for a stills shoot, and an account of shows that have transferred from stage to screen needs talented male performers.

Join the cast of Wimbledon Rematch 1980, a time-travelling, immersive theatre experience recreating the Wimbledon tennis tournament of 1980. Two actors, aged 18–31, are wanted for the lead roles of the tennis player and the test card girl. The actor playing the tennis player must have some level of tennis-playing experience. Talent must be confident actors, great improvisers, and be

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SF chief Dr. Michael Hunter picked for SJ’s medical examiner

STOCKTON — County officials are preparing to hire San Francisco’s chief medical examiner, Dr. Michael Hunter, to head San Joaquin County’s new Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, according to the Board of Supervisors’ agenda for Tuesday’s meeting.

The new county department is required to be operational by July 1, 2020.

According to Tuesday’s agenda, supervisors will vote on a contract, effective this July 1, that would pay the 52-year-old Hunter a total of $1,205,740 over its four-year term. Hunter has been a chief medical examiner for the past 17 years.

Supervisors voted more than one year ago to establish a new, independent, medical examiner’s office. Until now, coroner’s duties have been performed by the San Joaquin County Sheriff, who ruled on causes of death after the county’s forensic pathologists conducted autopsies.

But in late 2017, the county’s forensic pathologists, Dr. Bennet Omalu and Dr. Susan Parson, resigned from their positions, alleging

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Snoop Dogg’s Fatal Shooting Relived … Parkgoers Panic

The tranquility at a San Fernando Valley park was shattered by what sounded like gunfire, sending picnickers and others scrambling for cover … but it was all just a reenactment of an infamous murder case that put Snoop Dogg in the defendant’s chair.

It happened last week at Tarzana Park. A scene was being shot for the docuseries “Rich and Acquitted,” putting the spotlight on the 1993 shooting death of gang member Philip Woldemariam. Snoop, who was in a rival gang, was tried for murder and acquitted.

We’re told cops were aware blanks would be fired in the park to reenact the murder, but apparently the memo didn’t get out to people who were strolling around.  

It’s really bizarre … this is happening more and more where there’s a shooting reenactment for a TV show or movie but bystanders are left in the dark. It happened recently on the Vegas

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Breaking News – Reelz Packs June 2019 with New Original Programming


Natalie Morales Hosts New Specials on Blockbuster Movie ‘Ghostbusters’ and the Lives and Legacies of Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett

Nancy O’Dell Hosts New Special ‘Fatal Addiction: Hollywood’s Secret Epidemic’ Examining the Opioid Crisis Among the Stars

New Documentary ‘Elton John: Ten Days That Rocked’ Spotlights the Massive Moments that Made the Music Legend

Returning Series ‘Breaking the Band’ Reveals the Heartbreaking Stories of Big Band Breakups

(Albuquerque, NM) Monday, May 6, 2019 – REELZ today announced new original programming for June 2019 including four new specials, a new documentary and a returning series. Kicking off the June premieres is the special Ghostbusters: Behind Closed Doors about the movie that surprised everyone and became a cultural phenomenon with its perfect mix of stars, special effects and laughs. Then entertainment journalist

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Richard Speck the focus of new episode of ‘Murder Made Me Famous’

Richard Speck, who stabbed and strangled eight student nurses on the Southeast Side one night in July 1966, is the subject of Monday’s episode of the Reelz channel series “Murder Made Me Famous.”

Fictionalized re-enactments and interviews with those familiar with the case help piece together Chicago’s worst mass murder. Armed with a gun and a knife, Speck broke into a townhouse in the 2300 block of East 100th Street that was being used as a dormitory for student nurses who worked at South Chicago Community Hospital.

He tortured and killed Nina Jo Schmale, Patricia Ann Matusek, Pamela Lee Wilkening, Mary Ann Jordan, Suzanne Bridget Farris, Valentina Pasion, Merlita Gargullo and Gloria Jean Davy. Corazon Amurao, the sole survivor, escaped Speck by hiding under a bed.

The hour-long episode of “Murder Made Me Famous,” which is scheduled to air at 7 p.m., features interviews with Dr. John Schmale, the brother of Nina Jo

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Still to Die For: Inside the Tangled Web Around Pamela Smart That Started With the Murder of Her Husband

Once Ralph confronted him, they told him how they killed Gregg Smart, he said, and that it had something to do with $500 in insurance money from Pam. After that, he told J.R.’s dad about the gun.

The detectives quickly confirmed that Billy, J.R., Pete and Cecelia knew Pam, and each other, from Project Self-Esteem, which all freshmen were required to participate in. Then they found out Pam had collected $140,000 from Gregg’s life insurance policy.

“He’ll always be a part of the decisions I make and the everyday things that I do,” a tearful Smart said in one of her TV interviews in the weeks following the murder, her first having been with local station WMUR three days after the funeral.

After warrants were issued for Billy, J.R. and Pete’s arrest, the three boys turned themselves in. Their names were withheld at first, because they were minors, but their photos were not, so it was

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