Gone Too Soon! Autopsy Reveals What REALLY Killed Comedian John Belushi

John Belushi’s sudden death came after years of drug abuse and wild living, a new television special has confirmed.

“John Belushi on Saturday Night Live was just a revelation,” said journalist Mike Walker. “He was suddenly impinging on the entire American consciousness.”

So how did the gifted young actor come to die at just 33?

On the special, famed forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Hunter sifts through 24 pages of autopsy reports to uncover the truth. Among the factors he looked at were Belushi’s weight problem, bad knees, and addiction to drugs like cocaine and heroin.

Friends of the high-spirited comedian say he could play dumb on TV, but was in reality one of the smartest men in the room.

“John was key to Saturday Night Live. He had that corner on what was stupid and what was crass and what was brutish and stuff like that,” said actress Blair Brown. “But in a person who

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