Overweight & Out Of Control! What Caused John Belushi’s Shocking Death?

Comedian John Belushi had cocaine in his system when he tragically died 35 years ago. But were there OTHER factors that contributed to his sudden death? That’s the question a new Reelz special aims to answer.

Belushi was headed for super-stardom, after helping launch Saturday Night Live and starring in blockbuster movies including The Blues Brothers and Animal House. But on March 5, 1982, at only 33-years-old, Belushi was found dead in a Hollywood hotel.

Friends say Belushi was always stressed, and looking over his shoulder at his competition. This led to an addiction to drugs, but also contributed to an eating disorder.

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“John had a huge appetite. The way he physically ate food was larger than life,” journalist Mike Walker revealed. “He would stuff himself. He could not eat enough food.”

And all that food he was guzzling down

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