Ten Years After Her Death, Anna Nicole Smith’s Doctor Speaks Out: ‘She Was Not An Addict’

When Anna Nicole Smith was found dead in a Florida hotel room in 2007, authorities recovered nearly a dozen different prescription and illicit drugs from her bedside, many of them prescribed by the hundreds. The drugs included sedatives, muscle relaxers, painkillers and sleep aids.

Investigators soon charged several people in Smith’s inner circle with felonies related to her death.

Dr. Sandeep Kapoor was a Los Angeles physician who was alleged to have prescribed Smith with methadone and Vicodin, among other drugs. In 2009, he was charged with eight felonies, including conspiring to furnish controlled substances, unlawfully prescribing a controlled substance and obtaining fraudulent prescriptions. He was eventually cleared on all charges after the court found no significant evidence of wrongdoing.

Ten years after Smith’s death, Kapoor gives a rare interview on Scandal Made Me Famous, a docuseries on the Reelz Channel.

In the interview, Kapoor makes some startling claims, including an assertion that Smith

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