Eerie Audio Recordings of the Jonestown Massacre Show Jim Jones’ Descent into Murderous Madness

Looking back on the Jonestown massacre today, the horror is almost unfathomable.

On Nov. 18, 1978,  Jim Jones orchestrated the mass suicide of 918 members of his cult in a remote commune in Guyana, South America. The men, women and children — members of The People’s Temple — killed themselves by drinking a cyanide solution laced with Flavor Aid, an inexpensive knock-off of Kool-Aid.

It was the single greatest loss of American life in a non-natural disaster until 9/11.

Nearly 40 years later, many people have forgotten the horror — but many people who were close to the cult are speaking out on the Reelz Channel’s docuseries, Murder Made Me Famous.

Cult member Jordan Vilchez managed to escape death because she happened to be in the People’s Temple office, 150 miles away. She says on the show that she probably would have committed suicide had

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