Inside The Sick Sex Act The ‘Playmate Killer’ Did To His Ex’s Corpse

Peter Snider‘s jealousy over his wife Dorothy Stratten‘s rise in Hollywood ultimately turned him into a sick killer, a sneak peek clip reveals.

In the new show called Murder Made Me Famous: The “Playmate Killer”, the events leading up to the Playboy Model’s brutal death are retraced and retold.

“While hanging around the Playboy mansion, Dorothy runs into this Hollywood director Peter Bogdanovich, who she previously met at a party,” said Steve Helling, senior crime reporter for People magazine.

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“When he met Dorothy, he went, ‘Oh my God, this girl is a major star,’” actress Colleen Camp recalled in the series.

Bogdanovich had just began casting for his upcoming movie They All Laughed and desperately wanted Dorothy to make her big debut in

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