Why Vili Fualaau Split from Mary Kay Letourneau, Who ‘Courted’ Him Since He Was 12 Years Old

When Mary Kay Letourneau was accused of having an illicit relationship with student Vili Fualaau, the story became an international scandal. Letourneau was sentenced to more than seven years in prison on charges of child rape in connection with their affair, which began when Fualaau was just 12 years old.

At the time, Letourneau was represented by David Gehrke, a high-profile attorney who got to know the now-married couple well — and has kept in touch with them for more than two headline-grabbing decades.

When Fualaau filed for separation from the 55-year-old Letourneau, the development didn’t shock Gehrke. “I’m not surprised that they got married,” Gehrke tells PEOPLE, “and I’m not surprised, in this day and age, that they got divorced.” 

Gehrke says that, beyond the tabloid headlines,

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