Jose Menendez Had Kitty But Lusted For Son Erik Menendez? On Lifetime’s ‘Blood Brothers’

Jose Menendez, the Havana, Cuba, immigrant and Hollywood exec who was shot dead, along with his wife, Kitty, will have another movie and documentary based on the shocking events. Menendez: Blood Brothers on Lifetime and ID’s special Blood Ties: The Menendez Brothers will air the story of parent killers Erik and Lyle Menendez, two Beverly Hills brothers who murdered their parents in their California home. Today, the “blood brothers” are in prison serving life sentences for the killings that made headlines over two decades ago. Lifetime Television’s movie Menendez: Blood Brothers was directed by Daniel Bollag and written by Daniel and Yumiko Bollag. The chilling movie stars Courtney Love, Myko Olivier, Benito Martinez, and Nico Tortorella.

Lifetime TV’s Menendez: Blood Brothers and ID’s Blood Ties: The Menendez Brothers

If the O.J. Simpson trial was the “trial of the century,” the Menendez brothers trial was right on its tail. Shown on Court TV

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