CopyCat Killers spotlights Breaking Bad inspired killing of Regan Jolley

Breaking Bad inspired killing of Regan Jolley

Hart at his plea deal, he was inspired by Breaking Bad to dispose of Regan Jolley’s body in an acid bath

This week CopyCat Killers spotlights the murder of Regan Jolley, who was killed by her Breaking Bad obsessed boyfriend and then disposed of in a bath full of acid.

33-year-old Jolley and her veteran boyfriend Jason Hart met at a drug treatment facility in SpokaneWashington. where she had been staying with her two young kids as she tried to clean up her life. Initially their relationship seemed to be going great and it is thought the pair moved in together.

However, Jolley was unaware of 27-year-old Heart’s obsession with the Breaking Bad TV series and is mental issues. At some point in June 2013 Hart strangled Jolley and then tried to dispose of her body in a bath

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