WATCH EUR’s Exclusive Clip of ‘Autopsy: The Last Hours of … Gary …

*On May 28 in 2010, actor Gary Coleman died under mysterious circumstances after an incident at his home in Utah.

Now, this Saturday, June 24, Reelz’s “Autopsy: The Last Hours of … Gary Coleman” takes a look at what happened and we’ve got a sneak preview clip of the show to share with you. Check it out above.

About Gary Coleman
Gary Coleman soared to success as the diminutive star of classic eighties sit-com “Different Strokes.”

His chubby cheeks, sharp wit and trademark catchphrase (“Whatchoo talkin’ ’bout, Willis?”) captured the hearts of millions, but at the height of his fame he was plagued by health problems and when his career stalled he hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons. He gained a reputation as a notorious hot head and a series of highly publicized arrests followed.

“Autopsy: The Last Hours of … Gary Coleman” airs Saturday, June 24 at 9pm ET

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