Copycat Killers’ Reveals Deadly Reality Behind ‘Robocop’ Murderer

In a chilling new episode of Copycat Killers, Reelz reveals the terrifying ways in which Robocop fan Nathaniel White made his disturbing obsession a deadly reality.

As Radar previously reported, the sequel of the popular 1987 film was bigger, tougher and filled with plenty of drugs, violence and murder.

Robocop 2 highlighted the powerful fury of its main character, Cain, who would stop at nothing to kill.

“The villain was a war lord in Detroit who took pleasure in seeing people die, it seemed to really turn him on,” said a showbiz insider.

While many enjoyed the violent fiction of the movie franchise, Poughkeepsie resident Nathaniel White took his fixation too far.

The super fan identified with the film’s villains, who are celebrated despite their killings.

“I would drive around and I would see a girl and I would talk to her,” White said of his chilling ways.

The criminal — who confessed that his fascination caused

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