Reelz Has Five New Series Coming This Summer/Fall

There are five new shows on the summer and fall schedule for Reelz. The Kitty Kelley Files debuts July 29 and focuses on the author, known for her unauthorized biographies, sharing stories about celebrities such as Julia Roberts, Princess Diana and George Clooney. The hour-long series is produced by Jupiter Entertainment and Random House Studio, in partnership with American Media.

Broke and Famous premieres Sept. 8 and looks at when the money runs out for celebrities. Produced by Our House and Critical Content, the celebs getting the spotlight on this series include 50 Cent, Tori Spelling and Johnny Depp. Each episode is an hour.

US Weekly’s Famous Feuds also starts Sept. 8. The hour-long show looks at “the epic discords between warring TV personalities, clashing divas and superstar friends whose relationships turned ugly.” Taylor Swift/Katy Perry, Madonna/Elton John and Paris Hilton/Nicole Ritchie are among those getting a close-up. It too is produced

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