What does Scott Peterson sound like these days? You’ll find out next month

Scott Peterson, convicted in Modesto’s most notorious double-murderer, breaks his long silence with interviews from death row in a six-episode documentary premiering Aug. 15 on TV’s AE Network.

The series also features Scott Peterson’s family and attorneys, while evoking the victim’s memory in its title: “The Murder of Laci Peterson.”

The substitute teacher from Modesto was eight months pregnant with her first child, to be named Conner, when she vanished just before Christmas 2002. Their bodies washed ashore four months later; her husband was sentenced after a blockbuster 2004 trial and, now 44, awaits appeals.

Also appearing in the show are Amber Frey, Scott’s paramour and key prosecution witness, as well as former Modesto police detectives Jon Buehler and Ed Steele and several print and broadcast reporters who covered the case, including The Modesto Bee’s Garth Stapley. Some of the documentary focuses on how news can influence criminal justice.


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