Celebrity deaths, and the people who love how they died.

How many times have you literally said this to yourself?  “I’m not proud of myself, but I  really enjoy this.”  This could of course cover a whole myriad of scenarios and situations.  The internet alone would seem to have been invented so people could look at a whole bevy of things that should bring shame to anybody with any sense of self-respect.  The internet has brought us everything from a dog trying to hump a frying pan, to pictures of grizzly murder scenes.  People are drawn to these sites, and even through they know that what they’re doing isn’t exactly what they’d like people to record about them for posterity, they are nevertheless,  drawn to these less than savory pictures, stories, and videos just the same.

Before the advent of the internet, there was television.  When there were only three networks, you had a 33% chance of finding something that you

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