New interviews about Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton affair shown on Scandal Made Me Famous

Monica Lewinsky during the scandal

Monica Lewinsky in a still from tonight’s Scandal Made Me Famous on REELZChannel

The affair between Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton is profiled in depth tonight on the premiere episode of REELZChannel’s Scandal Made Me Famous — with a string of new interviews about their relationship.

The then president admitted having had an “inappropriate relationship” with White House intern Lewinsky in 1995 and 1996.

Scandal Made Me Famous looks at what took place and the role of Lewinsky’s co-worker Linda Tripp, who made secret recordings of her phone calls with Lewinsky about her relationship with the president.

Tripp was also the person who convinced Lewinsky not to dry-clean the infamous “blue dress” which had a stain from Clinton’s semen on it after she performed fellatio on him.

Recordings of Lewinsky and Tripp’s phone calls are played out in tonight’s episode, alongside new conversations

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