Reelz to air Tiger Woods-Rachel Uchitel documentary show over their affair

Around Thanksgiving 2009, life changed substantially for Tiger Woods when the National Enquirer reported the 14-time major winner had been engaged in an affair with Manhattanite Rachel Uchitel, who, the magazine claimed, had been spotted heading to Woods’ Melbourne hotel room when he played in Australia at the 2009 Australian Masters.

Now, nearly eight years later, the Woods-Uchitel story is coming out in a documentary-style show on Reelz channel (they apparently showed movies at some point, but now they show stuff like this).

The film (?) is part of a series called “Scandal Made Me Famous,” and it uses some hilarious dramatizations and bad actors to convey what Uchitel — who originally denied the affair to me personally nights after it was reported — and Woods did together. Uchitel contributes some of her story to the film.

Here are two clips from the show, which should pretty much sum it up.

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