Rachel Uchitel Speaks Out About Tiger Woods Affair – People

In 2009, Rachel Uchitel became a household name.

The 34-year-old was romantically linked to Tiger Woods, sparking a sex scandal that would last for months as more and more women came forward claiming they had affairs with the then-married golf star. Uchitel was hounded by paparazzi as details of her sex life became front page news.

The scandal picked up steam and cost Woods endorsement deals, golf championships — and ultimately, his marriage to Elin Nordegren. Dozens of women claimed to have had sex with Woods, and each of their claims had varying degrees of credibility. The message was clear: although Uchitel was the first extramarital affair to be exposed, she was not the only one.

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Uchitel is now a married mom who owns a children’s boutique — and she’s speaking out about her bumpy life in a new episode of Scandal

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