Tiger Woods chased by wife with golf club as documentary ‘recreates’ Rachel Uchitel affair events

An actress playing Elin Nordegren holds a golf club above 'Tiger Woods' as he lies on the couch

A ‘recreated’ scene on Scandal Made Me Famous shows Elin wielding a golf club over Tiger

Tiger Woods’ affair with Rachel Uchitel is profiled on ReelzChannel’s Scandal Made Me Famous tonight — including a purported recreation of a scene where his wife allegedly chased him out the house with a golf club.

Reports about the golfer’s fling with nightclub manager Uchitel first emerged in a National Inquirer story in November 2009, days before he left his home at 2.30am in his SUV and collided with a tree.

Reports later claimed Woods suffered facial injuries after being attacked by Nordegren as she chased him out of their home with a golf club. She later said the claims were “truly ridiculous”.

But footage from ReelzChannel’s Scandal Made Me Famous shows actors

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