At 12, Student Vili Fualaau Allegedly Bet A Friend He Could ‘Seduce’ Teacher Mary Kay

Even though Mary Kay Letourneau was 34 and raising four children with then-husband Steven Letourneau, that didn’t stop 12-year-old Vili Fualaau from allegedly making a bet with one of his friends, claiming that he could seduce her.

“I think what was motivating him was he was a young, pubescent boy who was lusting after the hot teacher and thought ‘I can do this,’” says Linda Byron Lippingcott, former reporter at KING-TV, in the clip.

In Reelz’s latest Scandal me Famous episode, Mary Kay Letourneau, interviews from media professionals tell all on the controversial teacher-student affair that shocked the nation in 1996.

“There are some people that think ‘look, you can’t do that, she’s predatory, he’s a little boy,’ and then there are people who feel that at 13, 14, some boys kind of knew what they wanted, and they were very curious about sex

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