Runaway Bride Jennifer Wilbanks: Where Is She Now?

Jennifer Wilbanks was scheduled to marry her then-fiancee, John Mason in April 2005. It was going to be a lavish event: There would be 28 members of the wedding party and more than 600 guests were invited.

But just days before the wedding, Wilbanks vanished without a trace, sparking a nationwide manhunt. Her distraught family made the rounds on the cable networks, pleading for her return and saying that she wasn’t the type of person to run off.

They were wrong.

Wilbanks, then 32, emerged three days later and claimed that she had been taken hostage by a Latino man and caucasian woman while she was out for a run. According to Wilbanks, the couple had driven her from Duluth, Georgi,a to Albuquerque, New Mexico, where they had sexually assaulted her in a van.

She later recanted her story, admitting she’d actually fled

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