Inside the sex scandal that brought down a multi-million dollar televangelist empire when a pastor ‘raped’ his …

A new TV show explores how the Jessica Hahn sex scandal took down a multi-million dollar televangelist empire.

Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker were famous in the 1980s for their successful TV ministry PTL (Praise the Lord) Club, later called The Jim and Tammy Show. 

But the Christian conglomerate was all but destroyed after a local newspaper unearthed a shocking scandal – that Jim Bakker had paid $279,000 to Jessica Hahn, a church secretary.

That thread quickly unraveled an even bigger scandal after the Charlotte Observer found that Hahn had allegedly been paid the cash as hush money, after she was allegedly raped by Bakker in a hotel room in 1980 when she was 21. 

Bakker would later acknowledge that he’d had sex with the secretary but claimed it was consensual.

The upcoming episode of Scandal Made Me Famous will examine the scandal and speak to the

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