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Cannibal teacher Albert Fentress tortured, killed and ate a student after being inspired by the movie Deliverance

Cannibal teacher Albert Fentris

Cannibal teacher Albert Fentress murdered and then ate parts of 18-year-old Paul Masters

This week CopyCat Killers examines the horrific case of schoolteacher Albert Fentress who tortured, killed and then ate 18-year-old student Paul Masters.

It was a Sunday night in August 1979 when Masters ended up walking into Fentress’s backyard and the teacher then lured the teenager into his basement. There he tied him up, sexually assaulted him, mutilated his body parts before shooting him twice in the head. Fentress then sliced up his body and cooked some of the pieces so he could eat them.

Fentress said he’d been inspired by the movie Deliverance and had even written a script for torturing and killing someone just a few days before, though he said it had repelled him and he’d burned it.

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‘Wolverine’ killer who murdered sister, mom and her boyfriend profiled on CopyCat Killers

Jed Allen with a 'Wolverine' hand

Killer Jed Allen pictured in a Wolverine-style pose in a photo he put on Instagram

A new documentary tonight looks at the chilling case of ‘Wolverine’ killer Jed Allen — who murdered his sister, mom and her boyfriend in a fit of rage.

Allen was 21 when he carried out the triple murder using a hunting knife then scrawled ‘I’m sorry’ on his bedroom wall using their blood.

CopyCat Killers on ReelzChannel tonight looks at how he was inspired by the X-Men character Wolverine, who he was said to be obsessed with, and “found strength” in him.

His mother Janet Jordon, 48, was an alcoholic and heroin addict, with both heroin and methadone found in her system after she died despite her undergoing treatment to try and come off the drug at the time.

Allen, who had suffered mental health problems since

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Mary Jo Buttafuoco: 25 Years After Being Shot in the Face, She Can Smile Again Thanks to Nerve Surgery

On May 19, 1992, Mary Jo Buttafuoco was shot in the head on the front porch of her home in Massapequa, New York. The shooter: 17-year-old Amy Fisher, a high school student who was having an affair with Mary Jo’s husband, Joey.

Miraculously, Mary Jo survived the attack. She moved on with her life. She divorced her husband in 2003, and began living a quiet life away from the spotlight — except for the occasional TV appearance.

She married Queens businessman Stu Tendle in 2010 — the same year she released a book, Getting It Through My Thick Skull: Why I Stayed, What I Learned, and What Millions of People Involved with Sociopaths Need to Know.

David Keeler/Online USA/Getty

But the injuries have lingered: she was partially paralyzed on one side of her

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