What Happened To Kathie Durst? ‘The Lost Wife Of Robert Durst’ Tells Her Story

When The Jinx aired on HBO, it brought renewed attention to the alleged crimes of real estate scion Robert Durst — especially because of the shocking ending where Durst appeared to incriminate himself in multiple murders. But while that docuseries focused on Durst’s life, a new Lifetime movie will instead delve into the disappearance of his first wife Kathie. What happened to Kathie Durst remains a mystery, but Lifetime’s The Lost Wife of Robert Durst seems like it might attempt to find an answer, even if it is just a fictional take on the story at the end of the day.

The trailer indicated that the movie will explore how Kathie’s marriage to Robert became increasingly abusive over the years until she went missing in 1982. Some of that story was told in The Jinx through interviews with Durst. He claimed that the last time he saw

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