Murder Made Me Famous: John Gotti Exclusive Clip — Watch it here …

Get your DVRs ready! Murder Made Me Famous: John Gotti is a documentary series that examines killers who became household names when their crimes generated intense media coverage. John Gotti — the invincible crime boss who ruled the streets of New York as head of the notorious Gambino family — served a four-year prison sentence for murdering a rival gang member.

In an exclusive clip obtained by In Touch, John plans to kill Paul Castellano, an “old school” mob boss who didn’t like the fact that John was selling drugs on the street. Watch the video below for more!

John rose to prominence in the Gambino family by leading his crew of mobsters to conduct violent hijackings, illegal gambling, and sell drugs. He was eventually hunted down by the FBI and sentenced to life in prison.

In September, Sammy (The Bull) Gravano — aka John’s loyal underboss

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