Mass Suicide: Inside Religious Cult Leader David Koresh’s Sick Crime

David Koresh – the American leader of the “Branch Davidians” religious sect – believed he was the final prophet, and convinced every one of his loyal followers to see him as an almighty ruler. He claimed to be a devout Christian, yet was accused of raping a twelve-year-old girl whom he called his “spiritual” wife.

Koresh led a dysfunctional group of naïve individuals to their deaths when his cult was raided by police in 1993. He was to be arrested for possession of firearms and explosives, as well as for having sex with underage girls. When confronted, however, he refused to come out of hiding, claiming that he’d rather kill himself and all his followers than turn himself in.

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“As long as we are surrounded we are not coming out,” Koresh is heard saying in REELZ’s Murder Made

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