EXCLUSIVE: Watch This Reenactment of Selena Quintanilla’s Last Moment With Yolanda Saldivar

The murder of superstar Selena Quintanilla at the hands of her friend and trusted employee Yolanda Saldivar is not something her loved ones and her loyal fans will ever forgive or forget. But are there some facts from that dark day in Corpus Christi, Texas that you may not know about? 

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As part of their popular series “Murder Made Me Famous,” the Reelz Channel is reopening the case and profiling the murderous Saldivar and the motives behind her killing the rising Tejano singer. What exactly happened at the Days Inn Motel on March 31, 1995? 

“Yolanda was firing boutique employees left and right because of cash flow problems,” Helling says in the preview. “But those problems were because of Yolanda. She was stealing money from the company bank account.” 

As part of the episode, audiences will see reenactments of the case including the moment when Selena’s dad Abraham

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