Selena’s Crazed Killer: The Super-Fan Obsession That Led To Murder

In 1995, Selena Quintanilla was living in a musical spotlight never before seen in Tejano singers of her time. With her lively sound and risqué fashion, she became the icon of a generation – but behind closed doors her problems quickly took a toll on her career, and ultimately cost her her life.

Yolanda Saldivar – the woman who ended up shooting Quintanilla to death inside a Corpus Christi hotel on March 31, 1995 – became quickly obsessed with the star when she saw her perform in her native Texas.

After becoming close to the talented performer, Saldivar became the president of her fan-club as well as her boutique manager.

A nurse by profession, Saldivar was eventually accused by the singer’s family of mishandling funds from both businesses.

They threatened legal action and fired her – an act which allegedly infuriated the crazed murderer and led her to commit her horrendous

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