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Rachel Uchitel Speaks Out About Tiger Woods Affair – People

In 2009, Rachel Uchitel became a household name.

The 34-year-old was romantically linked to Tiger Woods, sparking a sex scandal that would last for months as more and more women came forward claiming they had affairs with the then-married golf star. Uchitel was hounded by paparazzi as details of her sex life became front page news.

The scandal picked up steam and cost Woods endorsement deals, golf championships — and ultimately, his marriage to Elin Nordegren. Dozens of women claimed to have had sex with Woods, and each of their claims had varying degrees of credibility. The message was clear: although Uchitel was the first extramarital affair to be exposed, she was not the only one.

INF; Sipa

Uchitel is now a married mom who owns a children’s boutique — and she’s speaking out about her bumpy life in a new episode of Scandal

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New interviews about Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton affair shown on Scandal Made Me Famous

Monica Lewinsky during the scandal

Monica Lewinsky in a still from tonight’s Scandal Made Me Famous on REELZChannel

The affair between Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton is profiled in depth tonight on the premiere episode of REELZChannel’s Scandal Made Me Famous — with a string of new interviews about their relationship.

The then president admitted having had an “inappropriate relationship” with White House intern Lewinsky in 1995 and 1996.

Scandal Made Me Famous looks at what took place and the role of Lewinsky’s co-worker Linda Tripp, who made secret recordings of her phone calls with Lewinsky about her relationship with the president.

Tripp was also the person who convinced Lewinsky not to dry-clean the infamous “blue dress” which had a stain from Clinton’s semen on it after she performed fellatio on him.

Recordings of Lewinsky and Tripp’s phone calls are played out in tonight’s episode, alongside new conversations

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What Really Happened To Kurt Cobain? Top Doc Drops A Bombshell About The Late Star

A troubled childhood, a life of pain, an addiction to drugs and heroin. What exactly led grunge pioneer Kurt Cobain to suicide nearly 23 years ago?

RadarOnline.com has learned that is exactly what the new Reelz series, Autopsy: The Last Hours of Kurt Cobain, hopes to answer.

As Radar reported, Cobain was just 27 when he was found dead from a gunshot blast in his Seattle home. But as the Reelz special reports, Cobain lived a troubled life, and battled years of addiction.

“Kurt initially got into heroin because it seemed to him to be a pain killer,” said Cobain biographer Christopher Sandford. “His whole teenage years, he was looking for various pills and prescriptions to help get over his bad back, his bad stomach.”

Psychologist Dr. Linda Papadopoulos has heard the “turning to drugs to escape pain” excuse before.

“While that is I guess kind of understandable in

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Tragic New Information Revealed About Cory Monteith’s Death

Cory Monteith had struggled with substance abuse his whole life, beginning at the young age of 12, PEOPLE reported. At 19, he first sought treatment for his addiction and would go through periods of drug use and sobriety throughout the rest of his life. At the end of March in 2013, Monteith admitted himself into a treatment facility at the urgings of his Glee castmates and the show’s creator Ryan Murphy. A month later, Monteith successfully completed the rehab program. But less than three months after that, Monteith was found dead in a Vancouver hotel room on July 13, at the age of 31.

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What The Cory Monteith Autopsy Special Revealed About His Death

On Saturday, Reelz aired Autopsy: The Last Hours of Cory Monteith, which explained the circumstances surrounding the 31-year-old Glee actor’s untimely passing. However, learning the details of Monteith’s death is no consolation — instead, it’s a reminder of how incredibly sad his story is.

Monteith’s death was not only tragic, but shocking, as well. The TV star, who played the clean-cut football player Finn on the Fox series, was found dead in his Vancouver, Canada, hotel room on July 13, 2013. In the months leading up to his death, Monteith, who had battled drug and alcohol problems since his early teens, spent some time in rehab. Now, the new Reelz special suggests it was this time of abstinence that ultimately caused Monteith’s sudden death.

Dr. Michael Hunter, a world-renowned forensic pathologist, takes viewers through a detailed examination of the circumstances surrounding Monteith’s death.

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Cory Monteith’s Final Meeting With Ryan Murphy To Play Out In REELZ Series About His Life And Death

Glee” fans were left in shock in July 2013 when news broke that Cory Monteith — who battled addiction throughout much of his adult life — had died. Little was made public about his final night other than the fact that he had been in Vancouver, Canada, and apparently had several visitors in his hotel room the night before.

More than three years after the actor’s death, REELZ intends to revisit the real-life tragedy in a special called “Autopsy: The Last Hours of Cory Monteith.” The show will take a look at the weeks leading up to Monteith’s death. A preview for “Autopsy” teases a reenactment of one particularly poignant moment between the “Glee” star and creator Ryan Murphy.

Cory Monteith Fans will get an inside look at the final weeks of actor

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About CopyCat Killers

About CopyCat Killers

This series goes behind the headlines of real-life murder cases which copy memorable slayings seen in Hollywood movies. Each episode features a mystifying murder scene and law enforcement’s hunt for the killer. Whether it’s two high school students terrorizing and killing a female classmate to copy the horror blockbuster Scream or the gruesome acts of pig farmer and serial killer, Robert Pickton, who copied Hannibal and fed his victims to his pigs—these horrific scenes actually happened but very few people know the real stories that led to these killings. CopyCat Killers includes interviews with investigators, family members of victims and forensic experts. The series also features high quality recreations, extensive archive and original documents from police case files.

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About Murder Made Me Famous

About Murder Made Me Famous

Murder Made Me Famous is a fact-based crime documentary series that examines killers who gained public notoriety when their crimes generated intense media coverage and made the killers household names. The unnerving psychology behind murder has long been source material for television, books and movies but why do certain killers capture the attention of millions?

Each one-hour episode presents dramatic recreations of the crimes using archival material and insightful commentary from those connected to the case to help unravel the twisted personalities that were thrust into the spotlight. Featured commentator is author and PEOPLE crime reporter, Steve Helling, who has covered several high-profile crime stories including the Natalee Holloway and Laci Peterson disappearances.

Episodes include the cases of Steven Avery and Brendan Dasey from the hit Netflix documentary, Making A Murderer; disgraced police officer Drew Peterson; Lyle Menendez and Erik Menendez (The Menendez Brothers) whose

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