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Dale Pierre Selby: ‘Dirty Harry’ Movie Inspired ‘CopyCat Killers’ In Ansley, Naisbitt Utah Murders

Dale Pierre Selby and Williams Andrews, two Ogden, Utah CopyCat Killers who were inspired by Clint Eastwood’s Dirty Harry movie, will be analyzed on the Reelz documentary CopyCat Killers. Dale Pierre Selby, who is also referred to as Dale Pierre Shelby, killed Carol Naisbitt, Michelle Ansley, and Stanley Walker over40 years ago in a case known as the “Hi-Fi Murders.”


CopyCat Killers episode “Dirty Harry Magnum Force”

Ripping a scene from the movie Dirty Harry, a robber decides to target a local shop, where he’ll turn fiction into a real-life horror.


Dale Pierre Selby and Williams Andrews, the Hi-Fi CopyCat Killers, were the most talked about killers in 1974. It’s a tragedy that people from Utah will never forget. That’s the year two Airforce airmen robbed the Hi-Fi Shop, where they held five people hostage.



Police say, Dale Pierre, 21, and William Andrews, 19, walked into the shop at closing time and held

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